Photo Engraving
Photo-engraving is a unique personalised gift, a new concept, allowing individuals / families to capture memories and create ever-lasting gifts.

Engraved gifts can be purchased for many reasons including:

·         Valentines Day

·         Father's day / Mothers day

·         Christmas / Easter

·         Anniversaries

·         Weddings

·         Pets

·         ID Tags

·         Sports Events / Carnivals

·         Corporate Branding

·         Pop Idols

·         and many more...

We have successfully photo-engraved various items including Key-Tags, Pendants, Zippo Lighters, Cardholders, Acrylic plates using advanced engraving technologies.

Our personalised gifts start from just $25.00.

Ordering is very simple:

·         Click "Add to cart" on your particular pendant / keyring

·         Choose if you would like to write on the back of the pendant (extra charge)

·         Checkout and pay for your item(s)

·         Email the photo to the specified email address.

·         Finished..

Equipped with powerful engraving machines, Photo Engraving Gifts uses the very precise "dot by dot" photo engraving techniques. Here’s how we engrave your best memories forever.



We scan your photo with a high definition scanner or use your email attachment and download

it from the internet.


Your photo is then digitally enhanced to give you the best possible result.


The process:

We then work your photo, cutting the background, cropping it so it fits perfectly on the item you have chosen, play with contrasts, luminosity and many other variables, in order to reach the best engraved render possible. It usually takes a good twenty minutes before your photo is ready to be engraved.  


Your prepared photo will now be transformed by our special engraving

software, using a high definition grey scale, and interpreting white by a deep point, grey by a softer one and black by no point at all.


Your product now will be photo engraved by our

advanced technology.


After being checked by our Quality Control team, your product will be

packed and shipped.

Ambanc, would like to stress the fact that we are professional engravers, working with industrial engraving machines.